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If information is missing, or if your request is of an individual nature, please email us at

Prices & Formats

Format Package name Position Description Target devices Price per day Screenshot
300x250 Medium Rectangle (planning) Between Appointment Calendar and Conversation Directly visible only with a minimum browser width of 1100px (for narrower screens the layout changes to Tab) Desktop, Mobile* 1,50 € Preview Image
300x250 Medium Rectangle (List) Below the list Hides the browser with a browser width of 800px or more. Ideal in combination with "Leaderboard (Below)" to cover desktop and mobile. Mobile* 1,50 € Preview Image
728x90 Leaderboard (Below) Below the list Hides if the browser width is less than 800px. Ideal in combination with "Medium Rectangle (List)" to cover desktop and mobile. Desktop 2,00 € Preview Image
728x90 Leaderboard (Above) above the list Hides at a browser width of less than 800px Desktop 4.00 € Preview Image
728x90 Leaderboard (Dialog) below the "Bring me with" dialog Hides at a browser width of less than 1280px (because dialog occupies max. 60% of the screen) Desktop 3.00 € Preview Image
970x90 Super Leaderboard (Below) Below the list Hides at a browser width of less than 1000px Desktop 2.50 € Preview Image
970x90 Super Leaderboard (Above) above the list Hides at a browser width of less than 1000px Desktop 5,00 € Preview Image
970x250 Billboard Below the list Hides at a browser width of less than 1000px Desktop 5,00 € Preview Image
320x90 Dialog below the "Bring me with" dialog Hides at a browser width of less than 350px Desktop, Mobile* 3.00 € Preview Image
* Only on mobile website, not in the app "Bring me a list"

Our guidelines

We want our users to trust us and offer them the best possible user experience. Therefore, the following guidelines apply to us.

  • Linked banners (direct link) as PNG, JPG or GIF or HTML5 assets (max. 200kb)
  • Images and assets can be hosted by us, but also by the advertiser for tracking purposes (only with HTTPS!)
  • JavaScript is only allowed after consultation and verification by us
  • The independent exchange of advertising banners on images hosted by the advertiser or JavaScript use without consultation with us is NOT ALLOWED
  • The advertising media must not contain or collect any information from or about user(s) (whether personally identifiable or not)
  • All advertising media must be clickable on the entire advertising media surface and open in a new window
  • Advertising media must be clearly limited in format and stand out from the background. Either by coloured design or by a coloured frame
  • reserves the right to refuse or remove advertisements at any time in its sole discretion

That's not allowed

  • Flash
  • audio / video playback without explicit user interaction
  • flashing, excessive, and annoying animation
  • Image profits and misleading our users
  • Fake functions like HTML Drop Downs or search masks
  • Content camouflaged as Bringing Content (colors / fonts etc. identical with the Bring layout)

Delivery of your advertising

Please send the advertising material with all related information to

The email must contain the following information:

  • Wished package (name at the top of the list)
  • Requested time period (start and end date of campaign)
  • advertiser's name
  • text and image files
  • URL of the link
  • ggf. Further information, additional wishes

We will check your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Booking & Payment

The booking of banner places is possible on a daily basis (payment per day or part thereof). The payment must be made in advance by Paypal.

A contract is only concluded after the acceptance of a banner space for a certain period of time and after receipt of payment. The contract is concluded by e-mail.

Nor questions? Send us an e-mail to


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